Random thoughts about Rome

  • Colloseum sucks
  • Pantheon rules
  • The mcDonalds’ rock (just their rest-rooms though)
  • There aren’t a lot of italians in Rome
  • I hate merchants trying to sell me anything
  • My mother and sister envy me for all those nice shops I didn’t even care about
  • Pompei is nice
  • The etruskan necropool is better
  • There aren’t metalheads in Rome, well.. italian that is
  • Giolliti and tazza d’ore rock
  • 250 gr of tazza d’ore coffee rocks more
  • sant severa al mare sucks
  • metro’s closed at 21.30 suck
  • rain at the first day sucks
  • colloseum sucks
  • colloseum sucks
  • elevators are fun
  • colloseum’s sucks


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