The bliss of your own server

September 29, 2005

The server I own ( is down. There unfortunately seems to be something wrong with the virtual-server software which allows me to have root for just 20 euro’s per month.

Although this issue, like others have, will be resolved within at most a day, it is very annoying.

Along with my server my real blog hosted on it is down.

The more you can customize, the easier it is to break, and it will break. A cheap root-access box seems to break a lot, unfortunately. This makes me think about moving my main blog to here (yea.. I would sacrifice all the nice stuff I could alter which would be very hard for me, but in return I get rock-solid stability.

On the other hand, I could just pay more for my server and get a real dedicated server, or two :-). Which would make it more stable. Anyone got $200 lying around somewhere for the first month?

This also reminds me of the fact that I really need to get myself a proper job that pays well.

Hire me! (very confincing indeed)

Update: My real blog seems to be online again


Welcome to my

September 29, 2005

Hello and welcome to my blog. offers free wordpress hosting.

The wordpress used at seems to be cutting edge. A rich text editor is available to you, for instance.

Sadly enough it isn’t as customizable as a wordpress blog hosted on your own server.

I can’t use my own themes, or any plugins. Sadly without for instance wp-hashcash spam will flood this blog when its pagerank rises above 0.

The major advantage of a blog is that you don’t need your own hosting packet, with all the cumbersome installing. And the service could be more reliable than your own server.

Anyway, my real blog.